Playing Favourites!

Playing Favourites!  It’s interesting how punter’s approaches to betting differ so widely and how one man’s ‘playing it safe’, is another mans ‘taking a risk’. You see these stories play out across every betting exchange and in every bookmakers. Some gamblers ‘dream big’ and as such hold an almost lottery win-like approach to betting on horses, where they just feel that their 100-1 shot or 1000-1 accumulator bet are going to come good eventually. Others though have a more prudent and planned approach by betting on favourites. They get spurred on by more regular wins instead of the ‘few and far between’ wins of betting on outsiders.


Of course, even when your strategy involves opting for the most likely outcome, as in the case with favourites, there are still various betting options. Some like to bet on even money shots or above, knowing that they will at least be doubling their money as a result of their analysis. Other though, have a ‘chasing crumbs’ approach, prefering to bet on big odds-on selections with the thought that they simply can’t lose. This outlook can work for a good while of course so can have a feel of safety to it, but really who can account for ‘every eventuality’. Just the other day (18:10 10th July), Birj, a 1– 12 huge odds-on shot racing at Brighton, won by the skin of its teeth in a three horse race, so be careful when lumping on a ‘sure thing’ with meagre returns.


I think a half way house approach is preferable where you don’t rule out betting on odds if the form and analysis indicate it’s a value bet at those odds, but for the most part stick at even money or better odds, to at least ensure a decent return for your betting buck should you correctly predict the outcome.


Of course ‘odds are odds’, and they don’t only apply to horse racing or football, or tennis. That’s the beauty of it really though, just a time to relax and hope that lady luck is on your side, especially if you placed a bet on horses. Of course there are ambitious odds if you’re feeling especially lucky. Its not a mistake to try a small amount on a horse which is unlikely to win the race! Why not, he can run , too. Less likely to come up, but greater rewards when they do. Whatever you’re betting on, and however you’re betting stay lucky!

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