44-fold accumulator!

44-fold accumulator!  Sometimes it ‘pays’ to highlight the very opposite of a favourite to show whats possible in the racing world! The Republic of Kazakhstan is famous for many things, including oil, natural gas, wild horses and, of course, Borat. It would be fair to say that gambling is not high on the list of attractions, but winners are winners wherever they appear. One such winner, who made the headlines in 2021, was a 44-year-old inhabitant of Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, by the name of Mukhazhan.

The intrepid Mukhazhan who, by his own admission, bets exclusively on football, staked 100,000 Kazakhstani Tenge, or approximately £175, on an all-correct 44-fold accumulator, which returned approximately £1.53 million. Having backed a raft of selections, none of which were offered at decimal odds greater than 1.48, or fractional odds just shy of 1/2.

However, domestic punters hoping to emulate Mukhazhan should be aware that 1xBet, as a company, is prohibited from operating in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, despite offering unlimited accumulator bets, in terms of the number of selections involved, 1xBet apparently credited the eye-watering sum immediately, despite the final match taking place in the evening.

Mukhazhan admitted that he was, understandably, nervous as his bet progressed. He woke his wife, in part for moral support, but he was ultimately delighted to keep his promise to provide financial support for the homeless animal charity of which she is an administrator. Mukhazhan said, ‘…the debts of local veterinary clinics have been settled, this is great joy.’ He added, ‘Not even the win, but the fact that they were able to help. People call and they just cry from happiness, from the fact that this happened.’