Ebony Horse Club – Taking Horses to the Inner City

I first heard about the Ebony Horse Club in an interview with Richard Dunwoody. Known for his charity work and sense of adventure, he was at the time preparing to run a Marathon in North Korea (yes, really!). Part of the money raised was going to the Injuried Jockey’s Fund, and part to Ebony Horse Club.

Upon looking into this charity, I really took to the idea since it’s so different. Inner Ciy areas can be a bit grim and lacking in opportunity at the best of time. Combine that with the image of racing, of being a rather ‘in with the in crowd’ at times, and you have an interesing mix here. The kid in the video hadn’t even seen a horse in real life (not uncommon, London can be a bit of a bubble) and yet now he clearly has a love for them. Let’s hope one day he’s riding a winner.